Laser Game

A hallway laser maze is easy to set up and it will keep you busy as you jump, crawl, and climb, back and forth. 

Reward: Shake Up Gold!

You will need crepe paper (also called streamers), which is basically a long string of paper that comes on a roll – it’s usually used to decorate for parties. You’ll also want masking tape so you can tape up the maze without damaging your walls.

Basically, you’re just going to tape the crepe paper on the wall in a zig zag pattern, back and forth, high and low, moving down the hallway. The idea is to create a “maze”, like the laser mazes you often see on spy movies. For reference, the maze you see below was created with one roll of crepe paper.

Try to make the maze hard enough that you can’t just crawl under the entire thing, but easy enough you won’t be frustrated and give up.