Four Seasons Tree Craft

Reward: Shake Up Silver!

Optional: other materials like pom poms, scrap fabric, puffy paint…

  • Print out the craft templates. You will need 4 trees for this craft.
  • Once you have your templates it’s time to get creative and color them all.
  • Color one tree for each season. Try to get as creative as possible.
  • Once all is colored cut the sheet of paper in half (along the dashed line). You can naturally cut them in half before you start to color.
  • Now we need to fold the trees in half!
  • There are two ways of doing it. You can do it before you start cutting – there is a dashed line at the top and at the bottom of the tree indicating where the middle is. Fold along that line.
  • You can also cut out the trees first and just fold them in half when they are already cut out.
  • Fold in half again, this time with the colored side inside.
  • Fold all four trees. Take the spring tree and apply glue on one side (as shown in the image bellow).
  • Take the summer tree and glue it on top of the spring one. Press down for the glue to set.
  • Now take the fall tree and glue it on top of the spring and summer tree.
  • Continue with the winter tree.
  • Now to make a four seasons tree craft, apply the glue on the “winter” and glue the winter and the spring together.

A Few Ideas for Four Seasons Art Before We Start

  • cherry blossom tree with finger painting
  • making flowers out of tissue paper
  • making flowers with pom poms
  • drawing a bird nest with eggs
  • painted pop corn
  • yarn scraps
  • paper mosaic with different greens
  • painted pop corn
  • tissue paper
  • yarn scraps
  • yarn scraps
  • red pom poms for apples
  • tissue paper
  • using pumpkin seeds for leaves
  • using other seeds (corn,…)
  • puffy paint for snowflakes
  • cotton balls for snow
  • white pom poms for snowflakes