Cotton Swab Flower Painting

Reward: Shake Up Gold!

  • Card
  • Paints – green, purple, white and black colours (we used acrylic paints)
  • Paintbrush
  • Cotton buds

Step 1: Paint the stalks.

Using a fine paintbrush, paint some long green stalks onto your card.


Step 2: Add some heart shaped leaves

Lilac plants have beautiful heart shaped leaves. This makes them easy shapes to paint on too.

Paint lots of little green hearts. Join them to the stalks with fine brush strokes.


Step 3: Start printing your lilacs

Dip a cotton bud into purple paint and start printing little dots.

Build up the dots around the stem to make your lilac flower.


Step 4: Add some shading

Mix your purple paint with a little white paint to make a lighter purple colour.

Dip your cotton bud into this lighter colour and print onto one side of each lilac flower.

It will give your flowers a wonderful 3-dimensional feel to them and make them look so much prettier.


Step 5: Add detail to the leaves

To finish your painting make a slightly darker shade of green.

Paint little lines on the leaves, to look like veins.

Fuente: Mas&Pas